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Leadership in the today’s competitive transportation industry depends on the highest level of communication between you and your business partners. The ability to send information that is clear, concise, and up to date is absolutely crucial in maintaining effective customer service, productivity, and profitable operations. With these concerns in mind, ASKK Technologies developed the Autofax module for the TEDS system. As an internal fax send component, users have the ability to transmit the necessary TEDS information, whether it be a loads in progress report, a customer quote, or a simple memo, directly from their workstations.


  • Send and receive laser quality faxes directly from any workstation.
  • Fax log report.
  • Compatibility with any word processor using ASCII format.
  • Complete and accurate order processing.
  • Customer load tracking.
  • Truck location, availability, and history information.
  • Carrier payment history.
  • Use pre-formatted document templates for specific reports.
  • Send out customer quotes. Loads in progress reports.
  • Carrier dispatch load reports. Load confirmation. Loads in transit
  • Delivery notices.
  • Arrival notification.
  • Fax transmission log report based on date, time, duration, long distance, and local calls.

T he advantages of on-line faxing are extensive. In house productivity is increased as queues at the printer and fax machine are eliminated. Last minute changes in load status are immediately conveyed to customers without having to locate, and reach the right people via telephone. Through the use of advanced computer graphics, transmissions are guaranteed to be laser quality. Users can create documents freeform, use pre-formatted templates, or generate TEDS reports as they require. The Autofax module is the key to ensuring that information is distributed to the people who need it when they need it!

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