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The core function of the Administration module is to facilitate customer invoicing, generate accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions, and execute freight audit functions. This protects the company against under billing, over billing, and ensures accurate and timely payment by the customer.


  • Direct allocation of all revenue and cost associated with a load.
  • Easy modification of all load information at invoicing time.
  • Automatic interface to accounts receivable, accounts payable, and general ledger.
  • Extensive load profitability analysis.
  • Cross reference between customer profiles, quotations, booking, tracking, and dispatching.
  • Generation of complete and accurate customer invoices with load details.
  • Summarized and/or detailed audit reports
  • Freight audit reports.
  • Daily summary.
  • Customer history file update.
  • Customer profile inquiry.
  • Carrier profile inquiry.
  • Audit trail.
  • Ability to easily identify unprofitable loads, customers and carriers.
  • Monthly/quarterly comparative cost analysis.
  • Under/over billing protection.
  • Loads to invoice tracking.


  • Invoice journal.
  • Over payment protection.
  • Monthly/quarterly comparative sales and profit analysis.
  • Dispatcher audit reports by date and/or load range.
  • Load profitability analysis by date, customer, salesperson, and dispatcher (summarized or detailed).

Due to the competitive nature of the transportation industry, effective and efficient administration must be in place to maintain the leading edge. The TEDS system has been designed to boost the productivity of your operation while keeping operating costs down. The TEDS system increases your profit- that's the bottom line!

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