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As an instantaneous link to information on a global level, the Internet is proving to be an indispensable part of modern communications.internet.gif (3660 bytes)

In response to this exciting new trend in electronic communications, ASKK is offering two new applications. Internet based Load Tracking utility (an on-line application currently being offered by only a handful of the largest U.S. carrier companies). This application effectively allows your customers to down-load the on-going status of loads booked on the TEDS system (this utility is similar in design to the tracking service currently available from Fed Ex™). The result is that your customers will be able to get the load information they require without tying up your staff on the telephone. Our latest application is an on-line Loads Available Utility that will allow carriers to view any loads you currently have booked in your system awaiting dispatch.

To ensure that your customers and carriers will take advantage of these new applications, ASKK Technologies has made the procedures very easy to perform. All they need to do is a) connect to your companies’ home page, b) highlight a special option to "View Load Status Messages" or "View Available Loads", and c) enter the load number if viewing load status. All tracking comments entered into the TEDS system (for the particular load) will be automatically downloaded and displayed on the customer’s screen.

Obviously, security is a big concern when confidential information is being transmitted across phone lines. To mitigate those concerns, we have integrated a fail-safe security system which protects against unauthorized access into TEDS customers’ servers:

  • In order to establish a successful link, your customers are required to enter an "Internet Customer I.D." (a secret pass-code assigned by your company) in order to view load tracking comments.
  • The load number assigned to the freight must be entered.
  • Additional firewalls have been implemented to ensure that all data remains impenetrable to external manipulation at all times!

We are confident that the implementation of the Internet load tracking utility will a) decrease the frequency of unnecessary phone calls coming into the offices of our customers, b) provide those businesses with a modern, high tech image attractive to both existing and prospective clients of their services, c) further solidify the Internet as a viable and practical platform for transportation communications and operations, and therefore d) lead to further development of additional on-line applications by the designers at ASKK Technologies (features like automated rate searches and on-line booking screens are already being considered).

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