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As a professional in the transportation industry, what are the key factors in making your operation a more efficient and profitable one? Is freight audit a key element? Is it the capability to access, create, reference, and print customer quotes? What about a fully integrated accounting system which reflects the latest financial status of your company? Realizing these needs and concerns, ASKK Technologies Inc. is proud to introduce TEDS. Using DataFlex, a fourth generation development tool, this state of the art solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of the transportation/logistics industry.

TEDS has been designed, developed, and implemented by ASKK Technologies in collaboration with transportation experts, software application specialists and of course, our own customers. This complete solution is fully backed by ASKK through our industry leading hardware services, highly effective user training, continuous telephone support, and guaranteed customer maintenance.

wpe2.jpg (2041 bytes)TEDS is comprised of four major modules:Sales Quotation, Dispatch Operations, Administration, and the Financial Manager. Click here for a tour of the TEDS modules.

These four modules are integrated to provide you with the tools neccesary to efficiently and profitably manage your operations. Furthermore, the entire system is designed to cope with the changing demands of the transportation industry, and the changing requirements of your growing business. Our commitment to the continuous development of new features and program enhancements ensures that our customers will stay on the leading edge of technology without the threat of obsolescence.

In addition to the software, ASKK Technologies offers professional and effecient training services designed to get you up and runnning quickly with the TEDS system.

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