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The TEDS system has been designed to interface with the various third party Tariff Bill Rate tables available today (N.F.T.B., Rocky Mountain, etc). Once the interface has been established, sales and dispatch staff will be able to use a) city and/or b) postal/zip information to search for, view, edit, and apply tariff information for any class of shipment. Users can also use existing tariff information as a template for building a customer quote. Finally, the bill tariff module allows for the automatic calculation of bill rates within load booking and load dispatching programs.


  • Allows for interface to many Tariff Rate systems.
  • ASKK will setup interface on your behalf.
  • Ability to search, view, and edit rates.
  • Ability to price loads when a quote is not available.
  • Ability to price multi-product and multi-class shipments.
  • Ability to build customer quotations based on Tariff Rate for any point to point.
  • Ability to locate rates by city and/or zip information.
  • Specific rate for every class of shipment.
  • Automatic bill rate calculation in load related programs.

In an industry characterized by heavy volume and constant pricing/quoting, operations staff needs to be able to access billing information at a moments notice. With the Bill Rate Tariff module, users can access the billing information required to maintain an orderly flow of operations in a timely and accurate manner. With the ability to instantly quote a rate for any point to point, regardless of class, you'll gain more than just time, you'll gain the confidence of your most valued asset: your customers.  

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