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Dispatch Operations is a multi-dimensional operations management tool ensuring full accountability of all customer loads throughout the transportation brokerage process. As a comprehensive dispatching module, it has been designed to accommodate the peculiarities that differentiate one load from another. The flexibility of the package secures users with the ability to enter, monitor, and control every transaction, no matter how complex or unique.


  • Directly interfaced to sales quotation and customer profile.
  • Extensive carrier profile interface.
  • Multiple currency load dispatching.
  • Instant status report for all loads in progress.
  • Complete and accurate order processing.
  • Customer load tracking.
  • Truck location, availability, and history information.
  • Carrier payment history.
  • Flexible and complete load booking with automatic pricing based on load details and customer tariff.
  • Load search by customer, carrier, date, P.O. number, bill of lading, release number, shipper/consignee, trailer number, origin, or destination.
  • Special pickup and delivery instructions.
  • Load payment history.
  • Interface to the administration module for invoice preparation.
  • Loads in progress by driver, carrier, salesperson, and customer.
  • Dispatch of multiple drivers, carriers, and currencies on the same load.
  • Previous load movement/dispatch history.
  • Load duplicating.
  • Full audit trail.

The Dispatch Operation Module systematically assembles information in a manner which is logical and sensible, comprehensively facilitating the booking, dispatch, and supervision of all loads in progress. Our commitment to relentless system development and enhancement ensures that your staff will maintain the highest level of productivity as your business continues to grow.

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