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The TEDS Payout Tariff Module has been devised to provide system users with instant access to carrier rates, based on any city to city, or zip to zip information. Designed to draw from the various carrier rate tables available, the payout tariff module allows your staff to view, select, and automatically calculate the cost of any load. Through sophisticated design, the module allows users to compare the payouts (on screen) for every carrier which has a rate for a specific point to point shipment. Furthermore, the TEDS system will accommodate the pricing of loads with multiple products, even multiple classes of products on a single shipment. Finally, the tariff module has been designed to incorporate each carrier’s company discount into the pricing formula so that comparisons on prices are bottom line. The system even converts all rates to the same currency for on screen viewing so that users know exactly how much the final cost of any shipment will be.


  • Compatible with virtually every carrier rate tariff table.
  • Automatic calculation of carrier rates for any point to point based on city or zip.
  • Comparative analysis between multiple carriers’ rates.
  • Accommodation of specific discounts with each carrier.
  • Automatic currency conversion for on screen carrier rate comparisons.
  • Payout calculation regardless of per 100, cubic weight, or flat rate loads.

The benefits of incorporating the Payout Tariff Module into the TEDS system are extensive. Foremost, users will be able to immediately identify the least expensive carrier for transporting customer freight on a load by load basis. Naturally, the ability to reduce cost immediately translates into greater profits for your company, and creates a much greater degree of confidence in the decisions made by your operations staff on a daily basis.

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