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pcmilerlogo.gif (3340 bytes)A custom program has just been implemented which allows users to access and control all of the PC Miler utilities directly from within the TEDS system. The ability to control PC Miler from TEDS should have several advantages over the previous setup (where PC Miler was run as an independent and isolated program):


  • Enhanced Speed: The integration of PC Miler into the TEDS system allows users to take advantage of its resources far more quickly than before. No longer will users need to Hot Key out of a program, load PC Miler, then return to the original program.
  • Faster System Performance: The integration of PC Miler reduces the overall demand on system resources. This translates into faster searches, and improved system performance.
  • Data Integration: Several TEDS programs (including Maintain Customer Quotation Information and Maintain Customer Load Dispatch Information) can automatically calculate PC Miler data in the background so that information like "Distance between Cities" will be determined automatically.
  • TEDS User Interface: PC Miler utilities are now controlled with the same standard TEDS function keys that your staff members are already familiar with. For example, users search and scroll with the <Tab>, <F11> and <F12> keys; start a search with the <F4> key; delete with the <F6> key, insert with the <F8> key, etc.
  • User Friendly Options: Whether you need a Total Mileage Summary, a Cost Estimation, or a Routing Sequence, the TEDS interface allows users to define report contents quickly and accurately. Need to add a pick-up to the existing route, or compare the shortest route against the most practical route? No problem: the TEDS interface allows users to retain or modify existing selections as required, then generate another report without repetitive re-entry.


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