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The Sales Quotation Module provides easy access to customer profiles, tariff information, and customer quotations. Due to the integrated nature of the package, additional information from other modules can be accessed at any time during the process. For example, a customer Accounts Receivable Aging report can be retrieved on-line while reviewing the sales of a particular customer.


  • Direct interface into order processing.
  • Detailed customer, consignee, and shipper profiles.
  • Multiple currencies allowed for billing and payment.
  • Quick reference phone book.
  • Internal carrier tariff maintenance.
  • Shipping history inquiry.
  • Quotation duplication from tariffs or other customer quotes.
  • Automatic salesperson commission generation.
  • Quick and easy professional quotation production and printing.
  • Salesperson commissions by flat rate/load, percentage of gross, profit, etc.
  • Lookup and search by name, phone #, province, state, etc.
  • Detailed credit management with security.
  • Border crossing specific customs brokers.
  • Customer order processing requirements.
  • Multiple customer contacts and telephone numbers.
  • Freeform quotation notebook.
  • Multiple types of quotations based on 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full, per unit, per 100, and per foot loads.
  • Quote analysis by customer, salesperson, creation date, revised date, and unused quotes.
  • Internal LTL/TL tariff for point to point bill rate and payment.
  • Automatic quotation faxing with pre-designed cover letter.
  • Professional preprinted quotation forms.

To face the challenge of quoting and capturing future business, management needs quick and accurate access to various sources of information in support of their decision making strategies. The TEDS system enables managers to review all related information in a highly integrated and timely manner so that corrective action can be initiated wherever neccesary.

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